Meet Mauricio Calvo

President and CEO

Mauricio Calvo, a visionary leader dedicated to empowering the Latino community, serves as the President and CEO of Latino Memphis, leveraging his extensive experience and deep commitment to foster a thriving and inclusive environment for all members of the community.


When I moved to Memphis in 1993 from Mexico City, my hometown, I found a city full of kindness, diversity, and a wealth of opportunity. My team and I strive every day to make the growing community of Latino Memphians feel as welcome and hopeful as I did that year. For many Latinos living in Memphis, we are the first step in their pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families. For others, we are the only place they can turn to for assistance with health, education, and other basic services.

More and more Latinos are making Memphis their home every year. Over 80,000 Latino Memphians currently live, worship, work, study, and have fun here. As the primary provider of services to this community, we have dedicated ourselves to the idea that every Latino Memphian should have the opportunity and resources to become an engaged and active participant in making our city great. This means providing educational and career advancement opportunities, connecting clients to needed services, ensuring families are safe, and encouraging engagement between and among people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.


When I think about the future of our city, I think about the family I started here in my new home in Memphis, TN. What I want most for my three children is what I want for all Latinos in our city: that they are educated, empowered, and engaged individuals who will work to make Memphis and the world a better place. Help us ensure that Latinos become an integral part of our city’s rich and colorful character by supporting our team in this important work.

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