Latino Memphis

Our Story

At Latino Memphis, we've been actively engaged for over 25 years in addressing the real needs of the Hispanic community in the Greater Memphis area. Our focus is simple yet vital: we connect, collaborate, and advocate for better health, education, and justice for Latinos.

Latino Memphis began in 1995. A group of community leaders gathered at what was known as The Community Forum to address the lack of an organization dedicated to supporting the growing Hispanic community by connecting them to the existing resources in the larger community. The conversation eventually evolved into a MIFA program.

From our inception, we understood the value of diversity and collective impact in influencing change. In its beginning many years ago, and as it still is today, the founders’ focus was on connecting and accessing health, education, and justice. In essence, they acted as the bridge between the non-English speaking Hispanic community and the Greater Memphis community.

As time went on, the program took on a life of its own and a new organization began, Latino Memphis Conexión, or as it is known today, Latino Memphis, Inc.

Many people contributed to the launching of Latino Memphis, including Peggy Brewer, José Guerrero, and Sybil Tucker. Although they have retired from their professional roles, their past commitment was the foundation of who we are today.

Latino Memphis Today

Latino Memphis is the go-to organization for issues impacting the Hispanic community in the MidSouth, raising the voice of Latinos in our region and advocating for a better, more inclusive Memphis.

Since our inception at MIFA and our subsequent growth as an independent agency, we have become the largest Latino-serving nonprofit in West Tennessee, serving thousands of clients each year and advancing awareness of the many issues impacting the Latino community. As our programs have grown, so has our capacity to affect positive change in the lives of Latino Memphians.

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Our Mission

We assist Latinos in the Greater Memphis area by connecting, collaborating and advocating for health, education, and justice.

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Our Vision

We envision a future in which every Latino in the Memphis metropolitan area has the opportunity and resources to become an engaged and active member of the larger community.